Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Prospect!

5th June 2008 - I was on leave on that day and I'm planning to take my daughter out to celebrate her 2nd birthday, but unable to do it because she was catch by fever. With the intention not to waste my time without nothing to do, I remember one of my client(S) said that her elder sister(R) is interested in unit trust. I called her sister and managed to save an appointment at her office in Jalan Ampang(in front of KLCC) at 11.30 am. S advices me to come and see R with confidence and with full information on the product.

By 11.30am I already at R office and yup, S was right! I didn't need to explain on what unit trust is or what are the funds that I offered. Straight away she asked me how much can she earn when she retired. She's 49 and she already prepared her EPF statement for me to calculate how much can her EPF money generate income in 6 years. Looking at her statement, I was very surprised to know that she wanted to invest 47k with me. :)

But before that, I need to do an income projection and comparison between Public Mutual, ASB and EPF. Pening gak kepala fikir mcm mana nak buat. Luckily she's willing to provide me how much she contribute every month to EPF. So, i just do the estimation figures between 3 funds.

Emailed her the file and now i'm waiting for her feedback on it, and I hope she will agree with it and will invest with me because after she invests with me, she will propose her husband to invest too. If her husband invests with me, I'm sure he will propose this to his friends.

Looking for 100k from this couple. And may Allah bless me.Amin.

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