Monday, June 2, 2008

Reference : How to Sell Unit Trusts and Why People Buy

Title : How to Sell Unit Trusts and Why People Buy (Comprehensive Guide Series)
Author : Chris Gan
Publisher : Leeds Publications
Price : RM28.90

I've been to so many book shop just to look for a book as a guidance for me as a new unit trust consultant. But it's very dissappointing to find out that none of it. But I never give up to find one, just because I believed that surely there is someone who will write on it.

Until one day, I found this book. Eventhough the price is quiet cheap, I found that the book is very informative and give me enough knowledge to face my client.

This book is aimed at those who want to learn and master the secrets of selling unit trusts effectively. It is often said that most investor want to buy, but do not like to be sold. Hence, it is important for unit trust consultants (new and old) to arm themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to 'sell' without coming across as 'just another unit trust consultant'.

I strongly suggest this book to any of you who really want to know how to be successful as a unit trust consultant. (I will suggest this to my agents; someday when i have one)


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2 Responses to "Reference : How to Sell Unit Trusts and Why People Buy"

  1. nak tahu,
    mana nak dapat buku ni??
    versi bm ada tak??