Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rich Person : Poor Person

What is the difference between A Rich Person and a Poor Person?

Well – Nothing. Both have 24 Hours A Day.

So really, to find out what Successful people do – we need to look at What They Do during those 24 hours.

One of them is so simple it is ridiculous. It is called the Notepad.
I mean either the one that you find on every computer – or – the paper one.

They write out their tasks and plan the next day the night before.

But they do more than that. They do the horrible tasks first.

The tasks they really don’t want to do. And they don’t think about it too long either.
They shut their eyes and get stuck in & they make sure they complete it.

Why? Because they know that the rest of the day is fine after.

If you can create or improve this habit then it will boost how much you achieve everyday massively.
This leads to discipline, probably the most important factor of Success.

And then there is the Television, or their competitor nowadays, Social Networking sites.
Don’t spend all of your Valuable Time worrying about other people and their lives.

You’ve got your own life to lead. Seriously – sell your TV.. How much does it cost you?
A few thousand maybe. How much does it really cost?

Ten, twenty or thirty times that in your lost hours which you could spend making something, creating something, on a business idea, in fact on anything that will improve your life. In fact, focus on this everyday, on what you could really be doing with that time, and it will improve your life immeasurably.

At the end of the day you need to decide whether you are in control of your day or your day is in control of you.

You need to identify the big issues and tackle them, not worry over the little details that will get you going round and round in circles.

You need to focus on the right things, and don’t think you are busy just because you are busy, make sure you are busy doing the right stuff.

Once the day is Gone it is Gone.

When you realize that Time is more expensive than Money, you are half-way there.

Have a fantastic day!

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